Monday, 11 September 2017

Desert Camp in Erg Chebbi

A trip to Morocco may not be complete without a trip to the Sahara Desert. Riding off into the dunes as the sun sets, spending the night under the twinkling African sky, camping in a traditional Berber tent or watching the sun rise over the mountainous sand dunes are  unforgettable experience for every traveler came to Morocco. Be sure to check out our useful tips to fully enjoy a Desert Camp trip in Erg Chebbi near to the Sahara Desert. Exploring the desert is one of the must-sees of a lifetime.

Highest Ergs-

Erg Chebbi is one of Morocco's two Saharan ergs – large seas of dunes formed by wind-blown sand. Exploration and travelling around Morocco wouldn’t be complete without including a vacation into one of the fabulous ergs. Erg Chebbi in the Sahara is a place to enjoy with natural sight. This part of the Sahara is said to have some of the highest dunes of up to 150 meter high mountains of sand in Morocco. Through Desert Camp in Erg Chebbi you can not only watch the uppermost hills, but they are a right position to see some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets that you can find anywhere.

Bird Watching-

Dayet Srji salt lake en-light on the prospect of the uninviting landscape. Bird watching tours in the area become very popular. Many exceptional birds stop off to rest on their migrations to Europe and Asia. Bird like pink flamin goes is another well-known springtime visitor. Erg Chebbi still has an impressive population of birds, desert reptiles and mammals year round despite of the water dries up in summer.

Camel Tour-

Morocco camel tours and guides can be scheduled for a few hours to a multiple days. Desert Camp in the dunes gives you an opportunity to witness the night sky in the dark of the desert. You can experience the stellar show; you can see shooting and falling stars, planets and passing satellites in a desert camp in Morocco.

Amusement in Desert-

One can find a variety of ways in which to play in the sand. Climbing the dunes can be a fun challenge or may be an art to so the physical fitness. Dunes are permanent structures made up of slow frequently blowing sand. Even when you make it to the top, you are walking with your feet slipping down and might even find yourself slipping backwards. You can climb to the top of the dunes, strap on skis and come slashing down. Sand skiing is just as much fun as dune boarding in Morocco.

Desert Camp site staying-

Desert Camp in Erg Chebbiis the desert home offers the visitor a break out from the crowds of the cities – as well as contact with other tourist camps. Exploring the desert is one of the must-sees of a lifetime. Spending the nights in tents gives you an up-close and personal experience with silence. Outfitters can be found that will provide camels and all the equipment to make a trek over the dunes one you will never forget. Aside from your guide and your companions, the only other people you may come across during your stay are the native Berber Nomads and their beautiful home. You can discover your senses revived as you relax in an oasis of calm and serenity as you may to explore one of Earth's most spectacular natural landscapes.

Conclusion - 

Merzouga Desert Camps through its camps offers guests the full majesty of a trip in the Sahara. Situated away from the numerous campsites of Erg Chebbi, the Luxury Camp at Merzouga Desert Camps is a true hidden jewel to offer just the apparently endless rolling desert dunes and an undisturbed night sky awash with the lights of the heavens. Our tents are well furnished and attached with all luxurious amenities. If you select to stay in a desert camp in Morocco book us in advance on our number < +212 662-344816 or +212 666-367122 > as the camp accommodation are meant for limited number of travelers.
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